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    The Widow
    The Widow
    Her husband took a terrible secret to his grave. How did Nola Duncan not know? The day Nola Duncan married the charismatic scientist Dr Michael Westfield in 1981 was the happiest day of her life. Michael, a senior academic, was Nola s 'perfect man' a good father; a wonderful host, cook and raconteur; a devoted husband and caring lover; a good friend and a committed Christian. Throughout their thirty - year marriage, Michael, a deeply romantic man, wrote Nola copious love notes, letters and poems. So when he died suddenly of a cardiac arrest in 2010, her grief was profound. The funeral service overflowed with people who loved and admired him; the eulogies were effusive. Heartbroken, Nola picked her way through early widowhood and on the first anniversary of his death she buried his ashes in a plot with room for hers. Then she set about clearing out his things. In a box marked 'research papers' Nola found something that would shatter her life; 741 love letters between Michael and his lover, evidence of his passionate six - year affair with one of his doctoral students, a young married woman 23 years his junior. Nola s emotional pain and distress as she read the letters, many of them erotic and sexually explicit, was compounded on discovering one of the most meaningful poems he d written for her, he d also given his lover. The lovers believed their affair was the 'Great Love' and their 'soul marriage' God - sanctioned; oh, the hypocrisy! Until now, Nola has remained silent about Michael s betrayal of everything and everyone they knew. There are many unanswered questions in this story: why did he keep the letters? Can a man love two women at once? But there s one she knows she will always be asked how could she not have known? But hand on her heart, she didn't.
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    Nola Davis and Libby Harkness
    Genre Biography & Autobiography
    Large Print 16 Pt Edition (Standard Large Print)
    Penguin Random House Australia
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