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    The Woman Who Swallowed Her Cat
    The Woman Who Swallowed Her Cat
    And Other Gruesome Medical Tales
    Join Dr. Myers in his quest for unusual case studies as he unravels medical mysteries.<br/>Depressed and lonely, a man decides that pills and alcohol are too gentle an exit. How did he end up in the driver's seat without his head?<br/>Drunken neighbours decide that beautifying the hedges on their property can be easily accomplished without hedge clippers. Removing the handlebars of a lawnmower, they lift the mower and its whirring gas powered blades, and quickly lose their buzz.<br/>A teenager, obsessed with self - stimulation, elects to use uncooked spaghetti during his amorous exploits with disastrous consequences that only a urologist can deal with.<br/>Vending machines are heavy and formidable foes; no match for an angry high school football player who wants his dollar back.<br/>Pool balls are round, smooth, and heavy, qualities that make them very difficult to remove from locations they should never have been placed.<br/>Chlorine is a concentrated toxin. Very little is required to sanitize a pool. What happens when you swim in the wrong liquid?<br/>Sexual escapades have been known to include all varieties of farm animals. But is it possible to fulfill one's carnal desires with a John Deere tractor?<br/>A fisherman hooks a flopping one pounder, and both die in the process without jumping into the lake.<i>In The Woman Who Swallowed Her Cat</i>, Dr. Myers presents intriguing, humorous, unbelievable, and dark vignettes of real medical life. You'll be surprised by the truth as patients present to their doctors with usual symptoms that are masking very unusual diagnoses, and you'll be left wondering how anyone in the world could be affected by these one - of - a - kind medical maladies.<br/>
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