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    The Woman on the Mountain
    The Woman on the Mountain
    Living alone on a remote mountain in the harsh Australian bush would not be every womans choice. In fact, Sharyn Munro has so often been asked, Why do you live there? that she decided to write a book as her answer. 'The Woman on the Mountain' is the resulting lyrically written account of her journey towards a sustainable and truly rewarding lifestyle in her beloved mountain forests, where she has only the abundant wildlife for company. That decades-long journey was no smooth, planned passage, but a stumble over setbacks, propelled by almost accidental decisions. After the ups and downs of relationships, single parenting, and an unlikely variety of jobs, at 55 she found herself alone - in the bush. Unsure whether she could manage the hard work and mechanical demands of a self-sufficient lifestyle, she nevertheless gave it a go - and mostly succeeded. She has also learnt to live in tune with nature on her wildlife refuge, despite the occasional discordant note, helping to repair past damage and trying to do no more. Civilised conservation she calls it, having your cake and eating it too - before the wallabies do. With increasing numbers of people longing for a simpler life, The Woman on the Mountain reveals what can be achieved when vision and passion are combined with a little hard work, a lot of adaptability - and a dash of humour.
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