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    The Year It All Fell Down
    The Year It All Fell Down
    In 2011, history was made and the future broken... One of our most incisive and eloquent observers, Bob Ellis has reviewed the occurrences of 2011 and found it to be a year as important as 1848. He and his collaborators, Damian Spruce and Stephen Ramsey, refresh and repopulate our memories with enormous events already half - forgotten, revealing their coherence and resonance. From the Arab Spring to the London riots and Occupy Wall Street; from the Christchurch earthquake and the Fukushima meltdown to the possible discovery of the Higgs - Boson 'God' particle; from the shooting of US Senator Gabby Giffords to her vote on the bill that saved America's economy; from Assange fighting extradition to the Murdoch empire on trial; from the last hours of Kim Jong - il and Vaclav Havel to the Breivik massacre in Norway and the executions of Gaddafi and bin Laden - the year 2011 was portentously charged. The shockwaves from these events - and more - continue to reverberate through the corridors of power and even the foundations of the planet. The Year It All Fell Down is a compulsively readable meditation on the state of our world and its future.
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    Bob Ellis, Stephen Ramsey and Damian Spruce
    Genre History , Politics & Government , Social Science
    Large Print 16 Pt Edition (Standard Large Print)
    Penguin Random House Australia
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