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    Trading Places
    Trading Places
    To understand your spouse youve got to walk in his or her shoes. Ever feel like youre stepping on each others toes? Then maybe its time you put yourselves in each others shoes. Of course that may sound uncomfortable. But its easier than you think - and it will revolutionize your relationship. In fact, bestselling authors Drs. Les and Leslie Parrott reveal the little-known secrets of putting the time-tested strategy of trading places to work in your own marriage. In this book, chock-full of practical helps and tips youve never thought of, youll learn the three-step-strategy to trading places and, as a result, youre sure to; Increase your levels of passion Bolster your commitment Eliminate nagging Short-circuit conflict Double your laughter Forgive more quickly Talk more intimately In short, youll be more understanding and better understood. In other words, youll experience - day after day - the unconditional love every couple longs for. ''Weve often fantasized about being able to literally hand a box of mutual empathy - the revolutionary tool for instantly improving a relationship - to the couples that attend our seminars. Well, this book is the closest well ever come to being able to do just that. Les and Leslie Parrott Most couples never discover the rewards of trading places. For example, did you know its the quickest way to get your own needs met? Its true! And Les and Leslie show you how. They also disclose exactly how trading places improves your conversations and how its guaranteed to fire up your sex life. Truly, your love life and your entire marriage will never be the same after you learn the intimate dance of trading places. This book also features a powerful, free online assessment, powered by eHarmony Marriage that instantly improves your inclination to trade places. How? By zeroing in on exactly what youd most like your spouse to accurately understand about you. In addition, two workbooks with no-nonsense exercises - one for you and one for your spouse - will help you apply each chapter to your own marriage. Les and Leslie have made it easy. So why not walk a few steps in your spouses shoes, starting today? Whether youre a newlywed couple or youve been married for decades, its never too early or too late to attain the power of trading places.
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