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    Trouble on his Wings
    Trouble on his Wings
    <b>Experience this thrilling tale.</b> Johnny Brice is a hotheaded, hard - working ''picture - chaser'' for the newsreels. He loves to fly into the mouth of danger (whether forest fire, shipwreck or flood), get the story first, shoot it and send the film back fast so that it can be turned into newsreels for theatres all across America. He's the best there ever was as a ''top dog'' reporter ... up till the day he inadvertently saves the life of a golden - haired girl he pulls out of the ocean while covering a ship burning at sea.The dame, or ''Jinx,'' as Brice calls her, seems to bring bad luck like a black cat under a ladder. She keeps Brice on his toes and waist - deep in trouble as they trek the globe from Idaho to the Orient, chasing pictures for the World News. Trouble is, no matter how hard he tries or how good the story, Johnny can't seem to get good shots ... nor can he shake the girl. <b><i>''...colorful prose, lively action writing, exotic locales, fresh variation on standard characters and situations, and well - constructed plots.''</i></b> - Ellery Queen
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    Book Author
    L. Ron Hubbard
    Genre Action & Adventure , Comedy & Humour , Crime & Thrillers , Historical , Fiction
    Large Print 16 Pt Edition (Standard Large Print)
    Galaxy Press
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