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    Truth Never Dies
    Truth Never Dies
    <p>A chilling narrative about the abuses of state power nd one man's fight to remain true to justice.</p> <p>For over 20 years, Dr. William C. Chasey, an academic who had found his niche in the political labyrinth of Capitol Hill, was admired for his insightful political knowledge and skills in representing his prestigious clients. He was known as a man of his word and for making things happen. He enjoyed extraordinary access to all members of the US Congress. he didn't rely on big money, free trips, or lavish parties to ascend the ranks and become known as ''the best of the best'' among Washington's elite lobbyists. He did it the old fashioned way: hard work, know - how, and knitting together one of the most powerful networks on the Hill. His integrity was never questioned.</p> <p>All that changed when Chasey was hired to forge communications between Libya and the US Congress. A trip he took with a US Congressman and his wife to Tripoli for discussions with then Libyan leader Muammar Qadhafi forever changed Chasey's life. Upon his return, his bank accounts were frozen, clients had been strongly discouraged from working with him; even his close friends had been advised not to take his calls or associate with him.</p> <p>Truth Never Dies is a shocking narrative of the abuses of state power. The CIA, FBI, IRS, and the Federal Judiciary conspired to prevent Chasey from doing his job and attempted to coerce him into using his unique Libyan access to participate in a CIA - sponsored assassination plot of the two Libyans indicted for the bombing of Pan Am flight 103. Chasey's refusal to cooperate with the CIA resulted in the destruction of his reputation, a six - year FBI investigtion and sting operation, finncial ruin, criminal charges, and incarceration in federal prison. This book is not about payback; it is not about anger or resentment. It is about truth, and how one man hand his family stood up - against ovverwhelming odds - for what's right.</p>
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