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    Walking in Light
    Walking in Light
    A powerful and compelling autobiography of Kelvin Cruickshank, psychic medium on the?acclaimed Televison series Sensing Murder. As a child, Kelvin saw, heard and felt spirits, but had no idea what it all meant.? He believed everybody could see and talk to ghosts. Walking In Light shares Kelvin's memories of his earliest psychic experiences?and his struggle to accept his gift.? Nine years ago, after a complete breakdown, Kelvin finally acknowledged who he was and accepted his gift.??With this, his life completely changed. From his early days growing up in an isolated rural environment to travelling the world as an acclaimed psychic?investigator, Kelvin's life story is amazing, inspirational and, at times heart - breaking. Kelvin gives an insight into the process if accessing the spirit world and answers some of the questions that he gets regularly asked at his events, shows and readings.
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    Kelvin Cruickshank
    Genre Mind Body Spirit
    Large Print 16 Pt Edition (Standard Large Print)
    Penguin Random House New Zealand
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