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    What Makes You Happy?
    What Makes You Happy?
    How small changes can lead to big improvements in your life
    What do you want most in life? Most people would answer: 'I just want to be happy.' Sounds simple, but what does happiness look like? And is the life you lead now bringing you closer to happiness? <br/>Many of us have adopted lifestyles that don't support happiness. We lead lives that are too rushed, too stressed and too focused on things that don't matter. And our obsession with economic development is destroying the natural environment. We need to rethink our way of life because our unhealthy lifestyles are making us physically and mentally unwell. They're making us unhappier, not happier.<br/>The solutions - doing things that support our wellbeing, finding opportunities to connect with others and supporting the environment we live in - are intrinsically linked.<br/>The good news is that many simple, positive, healthy choices and activities promote wellbeing. <br/>Fiona Robards is a psychologist - with four Masters degrees - but the things that make her happy are simple: a walk with a friend, a movie, travelling, watching waves rise and fall, kindness. In What Makes You Happy? she looks at ten areas of our life, ranging from finances to relationships, personal style to having fun, and through a series of practical exercises and searching questions guides us down the path to finding our own simple solutions to everyday happiness, so that we can stress less and live calmer, richer lives.
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