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    What Next?
    What Next?
    If the work you are doing is no longer doing it for you but you feel uncertain about how to change your situation then What Next? is for you. And you are not alone, either. More than five million Australians, aged 45--64, are experiencing a new life stage - not a mid-life crisis so much as a ''turning point'' - as they consider their options moving from full-time traditional career or homemaker roles. And countless younger people are looking for a better work/life balance as well. What Next? Mixes loads of practical information and people's stories as it looks at all levels of the decision-making process. Kaye Fallick checks current workplace trends and choices and helps you ask the important questions as you ponder what you'd like to do next and how you are going to do it; she also reveals the secrets to managing your finances and your time, and explores a wide range of options including further education. What Next? is for those who want to change gear rather than retire or continue on in an unfulfilling role. As AFL legend, Sam Kekovich puts it: ''I hope I work until they put me in the pit and, unless my mind goes, I'm a chance. Retirement is the single biggest killer in today's society. It has no place. Our parents were duped by the system that says you must retire at 65. ''Put this aside for tomorrow so you have a nest egg, a Hills Hoist, and barbecue.'' It's bullshit.''
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