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    What Nurses Know ... Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
    What Nurses Know ... Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
    Chronic Fatigue Syndrome is sometimes dismissed as an ''all in your head'' illness. There are no tests or other physical signs to diagnose CFS/ME. A diagnosis is given when a health care practitioner has ruled out other causes for the cluster of symptoms. The US Center for Disease Control and Prevention considers CFS/ME to be a real and debilitating illness. Still individuals with this disease remain frustrated by the lack of belief and support from health care providers, families, and friends. They continually doubt themselves and ask ''What's wrong with me?'', ''Am I crazy?'', ''Am I imagining these problems?'' Bringing validation to the one million sufferers of CFS/ME, ''What Nurses Know Chronic Fatigue Syndrome'' sheds new light on this condition and it's symptoms from a trusted source: nurses. Simply organized and clearly written. ''What Nurses Know Chronic Fatigue Syndrome'' provides individuals, their families, friends, caregivers and healthcare practitioners the answers they need and want. It includes: numerous call - out boxes with ''What Nurses Know''; definitions of common terms; resources, online tools, and specific websites to help those living with PCOS; and, lists of support groups.
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