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    Why Confederates Fought
    Why Confederates Fought
    Family and Nation in Civil War Virginia
    Despite the massive volume of writing on the American Civil War, one of the fundamental questions about it continues to bedevil us. Why did non slave holders sacrifice so much to build a slave republic? Non slave holders commitment was not marginal; they formed the vast majority of soldiers who fought on behalf of the Confederacy. Nor was slavery a tangential concern to the conflict; the political debate over slavery and its expansion drove the North and South to arms, and the shift to emancipation by the North ensured a desolating war. Though relatively brief in comparison to other nineteenth-century wars, the Civil War generated catastrophic losses for both sides. What facilitated the level of division and destruction witnessed in this war? In what follows, I answer this question by exploring the inspirations that compelled Confederate soldiers into the war and sustained them in the face of horrific losses. Inspirations is not too strong or romantic a word; southern white men felt moved to enlist by a host of personal, familial, communal, religious, and national obligations. Similarly, the decision to reenlist or remain in service was not undertaken lightly. Southern men drew on a variety of motivations when they considered why they needed to resist the Norths efforts to recreate the Union. Understanding how those motivations developed offers insight into what leads human beings to support a war and fight in it.
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