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    Winter Beginnings
    Winter Beginnings
    A workplace romance leads to a sweet second chance... Dean Foster needs Alice Jaye. Hiring her to manage all things administration and customer service at Foster's Garage is giving him back something he's been lacking for years: time. Time to focus on his business, time to be with his family. Time, even, to learn how to be something more than the town's favourite widower. Alice Jaye needs Dean Foster. A single mother struggling to make ends meet, Alice relies on the second income from Foster's Garage to help make ends meet. But by taking a second job, Alice is losing the very thing she needs most: time. Time with her son. Time to rest. Time to be more than a money-chasing zombie who hasn't had a grown-up dinner conversation in years. Both Dean and Alice feel like they've left romance behind, but as they start spending their days together and as their kids start to bond, it becomes clear that what begins in winter could grow into a very sweet spring.<br/>
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    US$ 27.99

    Book Author
    Elise K. Ackers
    Genre Romance , Westerns , Fiction
    Large Print 16 Pt Edition (Standard Large Print)
    Escape Publishing
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