A DAISY book is a set of digital files that includes:

    Read How You Want uses proprietary technology to convert print titles to DAISY books, using computer synthesized voices (Text to Speech). We use industry leading Nuance RealSpeak Solo engine for speech synthesis. Please contact us if you would like to order any DAISY books.

    The content of the book is checked for the presence of the following:

    These words are then processed and their pronunciation is verified by looking at their context to ensure correct pronunciation.

    The tables in the text are described in a linear manner by announcing the cell position and then the data contained in the cell. For example, we would say “row 1, column 1, cell data.” A descriptive summary of the table can also be added.

    If the original print book had an index, our sophisticated technology enables us to reproduce the index in a DAISY audio book without the help of any external plug-in. The indexing has been implemented within the specifications of DAISY 2.02 and DAISY NISO/2005, so all the existing players which support the above DAISY standards will support our index. The index is added at the end of the text of the book and is displayed in the text window/view of the DAISY readers so that people can hear the whole index, but the index is not navigable from this window.

    Navigation is provided – the navigational component of the DAISY book is built with the index embedded into it. The index entries can be clicked to navigate to the:

    User Selections
    Users will be able to select:

    DAISY Samples

    DASIY 2.02
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    DAISY Sample Downloads


    DAISY/NISO Standard, ANSI/NISO Z39.86-2005
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