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Small Blessings
Small Blessings
Through the unlikeliest of friendships comes a second chance
Brewin reminds us we shouldn't take anything for granted, and that change is always possible.' <i>KYD</i> on <i>Hello, Goodbye</i><br/><br/><br/>Rosie Larson doesn't trust people - and with good reason. Her violent ex-boyfriend, Joel, is out of jail and she's determined he won't find her or their eleven-year-old son.<br/> <br/>For Isobel Hutchins, the cost of success is beginning to prove too high. Her impressive career and comfortable lifestyle can't protect her from the news her mother is dying or the need to face her past.<br/> <br/>When tragedy strikes, Rosie and Isobel are thrown together despite their differences. In this difficult space, they draw strength from each other and form an unlikely friendship that may just see them through.<br/> <br/><i>Small Blessings</i> is a poignant and uplifting tale of secrets, motherhood, innocence and heartache, and ultimately what we're willing to do for love.<br/> <br/>'a powerful debut that will capture your heart...' Sam Still Reading on <i>Hello, Goodbye</i>
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Emily Brewin
Genre Fiction
Allen & Unwin Book Publishers
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