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Snake Island
Snake Island
'<i>Snake Island</i> takes you to the limits of human emotion. A vivid, consuming dive into family loyalty, violence, and the hearts broken when the two collide.' Candice Fox, bestselling author of <i>Crimson Lake</i> <br/><br/>Vernon and Penelope Moore never want to see their son Caleb again. Not after he hit his wife and ended up in gaol. A lifetime of careful parental love wiped out in a moment.<br/><br/>But when retired teacher Vernon hears that Caleb is being regularly visited and savagely bashed by a local criminal as the police stand by, he knows he has to act. What has his life been as a father if he turns his back on his son in his hour of desperate need? He realises with shame that he has failed Caleb. But no longer.<br/><br/>The father of the man bashing Caleb is head of a violent crime family. The town lives in fear of him but Vernon is determined to fix things in a civilised way, father to father. If he shows respect, he reasons, it will be reciprocated. But how wrong he is. <br/><br/>And what hell has he brought down on his family?<br/> <br/>Reading like a morality tale Western but in a starkly beautiful Australian setting, <i>Snake Island</i> is a propulsive literary thriller written with great clarity and power. It will take you to the edge and keep you there long after the final page is turned. <br/><br/>'A rollicking tale of crime, corruption, and vengeance.' Mark Brandi, bestselling author of <i>Wimmera </i><br/><br/>'Remarkable. Ben Hobson's characters are deeply flawed, deeply human and beautifully realised. Part Western, part Greek tragedy, part morality tale - yet wholly original.' Chris Hammer, bestselling author of <i>Scrublands </i>
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Ben Hobson
Genre Crime & Thrillers , Fiction
Large Print 16 Pt Edition (Standard Large Print)
Allen & Unwin Book Publishers
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