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    A New Kind Of Dreaming
    A New Kind Of Dreaming
    A special reissue of an Australian classic ten years since first published. To live here, you have to learn that life is a balance between being a wanderer and being a lost one. Jamie Riley has hit rock bottom. Busted for stealing cars, he's been shipped off to serve time in Port Barren, a stinking hot town stuck between the desert and the sea. The minute Jamie gets off the bus, he can feel something is not quite right about Port Barren - the town has a past it doesn't want to share. After being warned that Port Barren is his last chance before jail, Jamie resolves to serve his time and get out. But when Jamie discovers an old, wrecked boat on the beach and starts asking questions, it becomes obvious that local cop Elliot Butcher has it in for him. As he gets closer to the truth, things start going wrong around town. With no one else to blame, Jamie realises surviving Port Barren is going to be way harder than he thought. A powerful mystery from award - winning author Anthony Eaton.
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    AU$ 34.99

    Book Author
    Anthony Eaton
    Genre Juvenile Fiction
    Large Print 16 Pt Edition (Standard Large Print)
    University Queensland Press
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