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    Addressing Modern Slavery
    Addressing Modern Slavery
    Long after slavery was officially abolished, the practice not only continues but thrives. An estimated 40 million people are modern-day slaves, more than ever before in human history. Whether they are women in electronics or apparel sweatshops, children in brick kilns or on cocoa farms, men trapped in bonded labour working on construction sites, or girls forced into domestic servitude or sex work, millions of people are forced to perform labour through the use of force, intimidation or deceit.<br/><br/>Modern slavery is an integral part of the global economy. It even becomes part of our daily lives when we use or buy products that are made through exploitative labour practices. In a world of growing inequality, consumers and business are both part of the problem and the solution. While we have all become accustomed to fast fashion and cheap consumer goods, we must take responsibility for exploitation at different points along complex supply chains. This important book examines slavery in the modern world and outlines ways it can be stopped.
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    Justine Nolan and Martijn Boersma
    Genre Law
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    UNSW Press
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