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    All The Wild Pearls
    All The Wild Pearls
    A Guide for Passing Down Redemptive Stories
    Every pearl has a story to tell.<br/><br/><br/>We see our wounds and lose hope of ever being lovely, but this is not the story of the pearl...<br/>...or the Gospel.<br/><br/><br/>Every time the Gospel meets a wound, a redemptive story forms. Where we see dirty, Jesus sees beauty soon set on display. Just as pearls start from affliction, so too our redemptive stories start in our cut places.<br/><br/>Join lawyer, speaker and author Heather DeJesus Yates as she creatively guides our generation through the transformational hope of the Gospel using both her own redemptive stories and those of an unlikely companion...a wild oyster.<br/><br/>Discover your own collection of redemptive stories, the ways Jesus has transformed your pain, and find hope for those pearls yet forming in your soul. Experience confidence in knowing your redemptive stories, so you can pass them down for generations to cherish, so you can say:<br/><br/>''Here, daughters of the next generation...these are all my wild pearls.''<br/>
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    Bridge-Logos Publishers
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