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    August & Jones
    August & Jones
    <b>From the CBCA Award-winning author of <i>The Little Wave</i> comes the story of two extraordinary kids who discover the life-changing power of friendship and teamwork.</b> Eleven-year-old <b>Jones Kirby</b> has just moved to Sydney from her farm in country New South Wales. She's missing her alpacas and wide-open paddocks and can't get used to her family's tiny city apartment. She's also worried that her vision is blurry - she lost her eye to cancer as a toddler. Could it be another tumour? Enrolling at her new school, Jones meets shy, awkward <b>August Genting</b>. He loves fun facts, the library and knitting as much as Jones loves rock climbing and being outdoors. Who would have thought they'd become fast friends? At home, August's parents are fighting. And for Jones, the news from the doctor is not good. To cheer themselves up, the pair hatch a brilliant plan: the <i>August and Jones Must-See Bucket List</i>. Together, this brave duo will set out to meet a rare monkey, run across the Harbour Bridge and even climb Australia's highest mountain. <b>After all, with your best friend beside you, anything is possible!</b> <b> </b>'A delightfully Australian book and a sensitive picture of what family and friendship means ... Highly recommended' <b>ReadPlus</b> 'I wish I was reading it for the first time again - that is how much I loved it ... Pip Harry balances the reality of illness and the joys and travails of being a child with a deft hand. She never overplays the emotional drama of illness and family rifts, but offsets them with the power of friendship, love and strength of character. Harry really portrays the vicissitudes of life with big-hearted sensitivity' <b><i>Readings</i></b> <b>Praise for Pip Harry:</b> 'Fresh, authentic, poignant, light and dark by turns - I wish I'd read this when I was growing up.' <b>JANE GODWIN</b> 'Pip Harry's words are imbued with hope and the message that falling down doesn't mean you never get back up.' <b><i>Children's Books Daily</i></b> 'Pip Harry is a masterful storyteller ... funny and relatable.' <b><i>Readings</i></b> 'Fresh, funny and very contemporary ... reminds us that we all have the chance to change the course of our life and make a difference in the world.' <b><i>Better Reading</i></b>
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