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    Collector Of Hearts
    Collector Of Hearts
    A heart worth collecting just might be a heart worth keeping. Thanks to a wastrel father and a laudanum-addicted mother, Arabella Fleming and her twin sister have one - and only one - season in London in which to find suitable husbands. Robert Mallory, Marquis of Shelton, is not suitable. Known as the Collector of Hearts, Shelton is a master of seduction, and he never fails when he sets his sight on a new target. And this season, he wants Arabella. Arabella is too clever to be swept up in Shelton's wicked amusements, but she finds herself unable to resist the temptation of his company. And when she tastes his kiss, she discovers there's more to him than a mysterious past and an infamous reputation. Arabella soon realises that, in order to protect her own heart, she has to collect that of another - the heart of the most notorious rake in London. <br/>
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    Book Author
    Cassandra Samuels
    Genre Historical , Romance , Fiction
    Dyslexic Edition
    Escape Publishing
    Age Range
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