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    Detox for the Soul
    Detox for the Soul
    A 365-day Devotional
    It is all too easy to dwell on the negative aspects of life. We can talk for hours about conflict, worries, and disappointment, creating feelings of hopelessness, discouragement, and a lack of trust in our heavenly Father who is faithful, good, and just. Jesus said out of the overflow of the heart, the mouth speaks. What we focus on affects how we live.<br/>This daily devotional will help you battle against toxic thinking. Renew your mind as you reflect on the Scriptures, devotional entries, and prayers written in this book. Identify your negative thoughts and compare them with truth. What does the Bible say? Are your thoughts honoring of yourself and others? Are they holy, excellent, or worthy of praise? Stop the downward spiral of doubt, comparison, and criticism, and choose instead to dwell on true, pure, noble, and lovely things. Enhance your mental, emotional, and physical wellbeing as you spend time in God's presence.<br/>Detox your soul and experience the refreshing nature of a positive outlook.
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