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    Dr. Earl Mindell's Nutrition and Health for Dogs
    Dr. Earl Mindell's Nutrition and Health for Dogs
    LEARN THE AMAZING TRUTH ABOUT YOUR DOG'S HEALTH A dog's body functions pretty much the same way our bodies do. Just like us, dogs thrive on good nutrition, exercise, clean water, and lots of love. For optimal health, however, specific foods and vitamin/mineral supplements can make a big difference. In Earl Mindell's Nutrition and Health for Dogs, Earl Mindell and Elizabeth Renaghan discuss easy, flexible, and affordable ways to keep your dog healthy. They even cover the different nutritional needs for the various breedsfrom small to giant. This manual is an important alternative to the multi-million-dollar dog-food industry, which wants people to believe that a dog is happiest when receiving the exact same foods day after day. According to Mindell and Renaghan, nothing could be further from the truth. Nutritional variety, they say, is every bit as important for a dog as it is for a dog's owner. And dogs, like people, thrive on a mix of fresh foods, including fruits and vegetables. In this book, you'll discover: How to create optimum nutrition for your dog with naturally healthy food, treats, vitamins, and minerals; Why it's so important to keep your dog's immune system healthy; How to control fleas safely and naturally; How to use homeopathy for dogs; How to recognize common dog diseases and ailments. If you want your dog to have a long, healthy life, it will be well worth your while to follow the time-honored recommendations in this book.
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