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    Everyday Herbs in Spiritual Life
    Everyday Herbs in Spiritual Life
    A Guide to Many Practices
    <b>Enhance and enrich your spiritual journey with the power of herbs.</b> Herbs have been essential to spiritual beliefs and practices throughout time and history. From Christian Scripture to Hindu observances, Jewish ritual to early Islamic literature, Native American traditions to Buddhist symbolism, plants are seen as a blessing from God and a way to remain in harmony with Spirit. In this fun, informative and engaging guide, you will be delighted by the history of the religious and spiritual use of herbs in many faith traditions and inspired by creative ideas on how to use herbs for spiritual growth. Unique and soul - strengthening activities can teach you how to: Create herbal art inspired by your faith Craft herbal wreaths,  pillows and soaps from herbs selected for their spiritual qualities Prepare herbal teas, infused oils, meals and condiments with herbs chosen for their ability to nurture, strengthen and heal Make candles infused with herbs that promote balance and centering Nourish the soul with herbal sachets and potpourri Use incense and smudge sticks to imbue clarity and purity Design a simple herb garden of plants chosen from among different spiritual traditions Construct spaces in which to use herbs for reflection and meditation
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