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    Finding Cassie Crazy
    Finding Cassie Crazy
    Protest in Mr Botherit's English Class today! Do you value your life? Then say NO to Mr B's Ashbury - Brookfield Pen Pal Project! WHATEVER YOU DO, DON'T WRITE A LETTER IN CLASS TODAY! If Mr B asks why, remind him that: The reason judo is compulsory here at Ashbury is so we can defend ourselves against Brookfield students. You can't get in to Brookfield unless you have a criminal record. Brookfield students don't know how to read or write. Year 10 is pretty crazy for best friends Lydia, Cassie and Emily, and when their English teacher starts the Pen Pal Project so that they can experience the Joy of the Envelope with boys from scary Brookfield High, life gets even crazier. As Lydia turns into a secret agent and Emily a relationship expert, it is not so clear what is happening to Cassie. She is writing to someone, but not even her friends know what's going on. Does she even have a pen pal? Or has Cassie really lost it? The eagerly - awaited, deliciously - humorous new novel from the author of the award - winning bestseller, Feeling Sorry for Celia.
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    Jaclyn Moriarty
    Genre Fiction
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    Pan Macmillan Australia
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