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    Fishing Season
    Fishing Season
    Let Philip Weigall transport you to your favourite river with this beautifully illustrated tribute to the art of fly fishing The fly fisherman is a sportsman like no other - he loves the sunlight dancing off a trout stream, the quiet reverie of an undisturbed lake, the reliance on intuition and instinct, the surreal beauty of his prey, his sport's ambiguous relationship with time, the heart-stopping moment of a surface strike by a large trout, the glory of a magnificent catch. 'I felt the first branches pluck the line like bony fingers on a guitar string, and then the trout was gone. I reeled in a broken tippet, simultaneously exhilarated and disappointed. What can you do with a fish like that?' Take a journey through a Fishing Season, a year full of challenges and victories, disappointments and frustrations, but most of all, quiet happiness. Philip's prose is lucid, and his reflection on the sport he loves is engaging. Avid anglers will find plenty to love in Fishing Season, but this is a book that also appeals to a wider audience, opening the door to a world few of us experience. Lively, entertaining anecdotes, whether lovingly remembered or wryly bemoaned, will have you itching to pick up a rod and undertake your own adventure. A professional fly fishing guide and writer, Philip's years of experience and time on the water have been sorted through and summarised in Fishing Season. What results is the most exciting book on this topic in many years. Fishing Season is a gorgeous production and would make an excellent gift.
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    Philip Weigall
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    Exisle Publishing
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