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    Four Green Houses and a Red Hotel
    Four Green Houses and a Red Hotel
    New strategies for creating wealth through property
    Four Green Houses and a Red Hotel provides new and experienced investors with a specific state by state guide to the best property investments for future wealth. Australians have a passion for real estate with well over one million owning investment property, and many more looking to take their first step. The economic instability since the financial crisis and the volatility of investment markets have made investment a daunting prospect for many Australians. But now, with interest rates cut to record lows, consumer confidence is growing and investors are coming back to the market in droves; albeit with a thirst for information on new property strategies and markets. Successful investment often mirrors a game of Monopoly - winners keep their expenses low and continue to acquire prime investments over time. Using similar principles, financial expert and author Pete Wargent provides simple and effective strategies for acquiring wealth through property and a holistic financial plan, including share investment. This book takes an up - to - date look at each of the capital cities in Australia and the best investments in property and shares in each state. His plan gives the average investor the leverage and the returns to get compound growth working for them and the best odds of achieving financial freedom.
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