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    From Renter to Owner
    From Renter to Owner
    Practical, innovative ways to buy your own home today
    <b>How to buy your first home - sooner rather than later</b><br/><br/>Do the chances of buying your first home seem akin to winning the lottery? Well, don't give up because respected property and business journalist Susan Edmunds has done the hard work to show you how to get into your first home as quickly as possible.<br/><br/>Most of us don't have a big inheritance or limitless funds from the bank of Mum and Dad, so need help getting into a first home and navigating the many options available to the first-home buyer.<br/><br/>This book is packed full of up-to-date advice with lots of different topics to help you into your first home. How to make the most out of KiwiSaver when saving for a deposit. Options for help from the family. How to apply for a loan, and how to structure your loan. What to consider when buying off the plans. Is it kids versus a mortgage? The different properties worth considering, as well as less traditional buying options, such as buying with friends. <i>From Renter to Owner</i> is a step-by-step guide to buying your first home, no matter how daunting it may seem, and the only book you'll need to make your dreams a reality.
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    Susan Edmunds
    Genre Business & Economics
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