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    What is the future of modern love?
    Based on interviews across Australia, Heartland guides readers through the intimate world of love, sex, dating, and commitment among millennials and Generation Z.From hard and fast hook-ups to loneliness, deep love and even climate change stress, I want to understand the whole gamut of modern love. I want to know the heartland. Stump, 30, has a knack for getting herself into unusual dating situations Alex, 25, streams porn for four hours each day Ku, 25, relies on alcohol to meet people and push boundaries during sex Michael, 36, discovers polyamory after raising kids Cassandra, 26, mixes kink with sex workFinding love and quenching lust are desires humankind has sought for millennia. Today the internet plays a key role in how we find companionship and connection, but for writer Jennifer Pinkerton - who's traversing her own ups and downs in love and commitment - this new era of dating apps, omnipresent porn and increasingly fluid identities begs the question: what is the future of modern love? This one-of-a-kind book blends reportage, memoir, extensive research and lyrical prose to take us on a journey into the heart-scapes of young Australians. Informed by interviews with more than 100 people under 40 - from transgender Aboriginal sistagirls in the Tiwi Islands to conservative Catholics living in Sydney - this book explores the hopes, fears and realities of romantic relationships at a time marked by great expectations and far fewer rules. Heartland is a probing and insightful exploration of how love, sex and dating are changing - for better or worse. It gives us a window into the way we live now, and what this might mean for our futures.'A warm and curious gaze upon this new landscape of sex and love . . . But it's Pinkerton's own journey through love and loss - offering glimpses into the author's heart, revealing bruises and aches, those almost unbearable aspects of love - that is most compelling.' Anna Krien, award-winning author of Night Games
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