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    Her Death Was Also Water
    Her Death Was Also Water
    A mixture of apocalypse, high-seas adventure, and otherworldliness, Her Death Was Also Water tells the story of seven people trying to survive on a small boat in a world completely transformed by an apocalyptic flood. Haunted by entwined pasts, the characters must voyage from a small Midwestern town through a world that seems increasingly fantastic. Each will face their past, and some will die, and the boat will even float through the miraculous, but only fifteen-year-old Charlotte will discover that death is not always death. Sometimes, it is also water.<br/>Virginia Woolf's stream of consciousness meets Yann Martel's magical realism as a young woman discovers a sense of adventurous possibility in a world that has taken nearly everything from her.<br/>'Her Death Was Also Water reaches back to the imagery of the great classics, and projects the notion of a water world into the punishing, perilous future of a post-climate change planet.' - Stuart Dybek<br/>'[A] searing yet hypnotic debut by a novelist in full control of his powers. Allen C. Jones distills so many of our collective fears about the uncertain global future into prose that is buoyed by beauty and hope. This is an unforgettable reading experience.' - Wiley Cash, New York Times bestselling author of When Ghosts Come Home<br/>;
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    Allen C. Jones
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