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    Her Father's Daughter
    Her Father's Daughter
    From the award-winning author John Clanchy comes a collection of five new tales that explore the fascinating - and often fraught - relations between fathers and daughters. It is a wise father, the adage tells us, that knows his own child. But equally, as the stories in Her Fathers Daughter reveal with great power and insight, it is a wise child that knows her own father. An honest man, confronting the unpalatable facts of his step-daughters life, decides he must barter truth for lies to protect the woman he loves. A teenage girl goes in search of the father she hasnt seen since early childhood, only to discover a man startlingly different from the one shes imagined. An older man on the cusp of extinction finds that the one person he needs most is the daughter hes never valued. Love and loss may drive the stories in Her Fathers Daughter, but it is longing a matchless yearning which completes them.
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    Book Author
    John Clanchy
    Genre Short Stories , Fiction
    Large Print 16 Pt Edition (Standard Large Print)
    University Queensland Press
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