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    From New York Times bestselling author Jenna Jameson and Hope Tarr comes Honey - the sexy second installment in the delicious Fate series. ''Honey'' Gladwell is living the life she's always dreamed of. Glamorous escort to hedge fund CEOs and visiting Saudi sheikhs, she is party to a glittering world of wealth and privilege previously glimpsed only through films. But there is a shady side to the gilded path Honey has chosen. One night her fairy tale erupts in brutal violence and she is nearly killed. Raised on the hard streets of Spanish Harlem, sexy ER doctor Marc Sandler has seen his share of domestic violence outside the hospital as well as within it. But when Honey shows up in his ER clothed in vintage couture with a broken wrist and a patchwork of bruises, something tugs at his heart. Honey's stubborn courage frustrates him but also wins his admiration. When she discharges herself against medical advice - his - Marc is both irate and fearful for her. The next time she may not be so lucky. He knows he can't save everyone but he can save someone - this someone. Breaking every rule in the medical handbook, and likely a law or two, he trails her back to her Park Avenue apartment - and gets much more than he bargained for. Can Honey and Marc overcome their dark pasts and find their own sexy happily ever after?
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    Book Author
    Jenna Jameson and Hope Tarr
    Genre Erotica , Fiction
    Dyslexic Edition
    Black Inc. Publishing
    Age Range
    Publication Date

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