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    Idols and Ivory
    Idols and Ivory
    Dragon Blood Pirates (book 3)
    Al and Owen decide to revisit the Dragon Blood Islands. This time they find themselves in the Elephant Temple on Sabre Island, where they meet up with Mahoot and his grandfather. Before long, however, they are being attacked by the evil Captain Black tooth, who wants to steal the one remaining emerald eye of the elephant idol. However, the emerald is missing and Grandfather refuses to tell Captain Black tooth where it is. Just then, a harrowing shriek erupts from the idol, prompting Black tooth and his crew to run for their lives. The boys and Grandfather are also scared, but soon realise the shrieking is coming from Snake boot the cat, who has time-travelled to the island with none other than Hally, Als sister. Hally is frightened, but Al quickly reassures her. That night, Grandfather and the children encounter Snotty Nell stealing the baby elephants from the island. With Captain Gunners help, they manage to rescue them, but when they return to Sabre Island, they find Grandfather gagged and tied to a tree. Captain Black tooth is trying to get into the elephants graveyard to steal all the ivory. Finally, after helping Grandfather drive Black tooth away, Al gets a chance to explore Alleric Castle, where he finds a treasure map. Gunner says it shows there is treasure on Cannibal Island. But as Gunners crew is getting ready to sail in search of the treasure, Al, Owen, Hally and Snake boot find themselves back home...
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    AU$ 19.99

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    Dan Jerris
    Genre Sci Fi & Fantasy , Children's Fiction
    Large Print 16 Pt Edition (Standard Large Print)
    Hachette Australia
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