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    Kick Diabetes Essentials
    Kick Diabetes Essentials
    The Diet and Lifestyle Guide
    In this definitive guide, registered dietitian Brenda Davis explains the series of metabolic events that lead to diabetes and why this illness is so catastrophic to one's health. Over the last fifty years, nutrition researchers have built upon each other's work to prove that a diet based on plant foods could reduce the risk of diabetes and in many cases reverse diabetes. Kick Diabetes Essentials cites the latest research into why plant foods lead to success, which foods are the most effective, and how to construct a diabetes-busting diet that not only gets results but also is simply delicious. In addition, diet is combined with exercise, rest, and stress management into a powerful prescription for health. Included are menu plans based on over forty recipes featuring the nutrient-dense foods that are proven to reverse diabetes. Inspiring stories demonstrate how the initial success of the ''kick diabetes'' diet builds confidence and encourages people to adopt a healthier lifestyle.
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