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    Laughter is the Best Medicine
    Laughter is the Best Medicine
    Laugh and Cry with Australia's Clown Doctors, and Meet the Children who Inspire them
    Imagine being a child in hopsital, away from home and feeling sad, frightened, lonely or in pain. Ths is where the Clown Doctors step in to help with their own quirky style of 'medicine'. Join this very special troupe as they do their rounds in children's hospitals all over Australia, bringing laughter and joy to more than 100,000 patients and their families each year. Meet Dr B Loony and Dr Twang, Dr Kow - It - All and others when they conduct their clown rounds through children's and emergency wards, intensive care, burns and oncology units, dispensing jokes and songs with skill and compassion. And always with the aim of helping families, hospital staff, and especially the children to forget their illnesses and fears for a while and return to a world that is about fun and play. Welcome to a day in the lives of the Clown Doctors, filled with special moments, courage, tears, smiles and laughter.
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    Book Author
    Jean-Paul Bell and Anna Hille
    Genre Biography & Autobiography , Comedy & Humour , Medical
    Large Print 16 Pt Edition (Standard Large Print)
    Hachette Australia
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