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    Legend of Beau Baxter
    Legend of Beau Baxter
    What might have happened on the 1924 tour is hilarious shocking and not for the ladies A rollicking leg-pull that plays fast and loose with rugby lore in the style of an alternative (and much funnier) history of one of our most famous touring rugby teams - the 1924 Invincibles - practically saints in Kiwi rugby mythology. Beau Baxter is a loveable rogue who may (or may not) have played as part of the Invincibles. A physically handsome strapping specimen of manhood who is also part Red Indian Beau is inveigled into the Maori All Blacks by a conniving coach who sees Beau's raw potential. Our hero is soon caught up in a bawdy farce of subterfuge and naughtiness - mainly involving the pert young wife of the President of the NZRFU. From there he progresses to the role of contender for the Invincibles and much borax is poked at conventional history and post-Edwardian sensibilities not to mention Spank-me Sally. This very funny story is about the famous 1924 tour as it might have been if there was more sex and less etiquette than the rugby historians would have us believe. What happens on tour stays on tour ... but then there is Beau Baxter cad bounder and possibly All Black. Funny earthy direct and unforgettable. Ivan Dunn a journalist with over 44 years' experience internationally lives on the North Shore Auckland. A passionate rugby fan he has had a great deal of fun imagining what might have happened if there had been a mysterious extra man on tour with the Invincibles in 1924.
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