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    Master of the Books
    Master of the Books
    The thrilling sequel to The Book of Lies. Marcel and Nicola are coming to terms with their new life as Prince and Princess of Elster. Marcel learns what spells and charms he can by reading the books left by Lord Alwyn, but soon realises his limitations in magic-making when he puts the entire kingdom under a spell that could bring devastating consequences. Nicola is aghast to realise that her future involves marriage to one of a number of suitors for political reasons, and that she will have no say in the matter. Meanwhile, Fergus aims to revenge himself on the villainous Damon, unaware that if he succeeds in his aim, it will be at great personal cost to himself. All three will be changed by the legacy of The Book of Lies. Fergus will become enslaved and combat witchcraft to discover his true self. Nicola must sacrifice what is dearest to her to gain the powers of judgement she needs to rule wisely. And Marcel finally realises that the knowledge gained through books is the lesser part of his magical potential.
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    AU$ 44.99

    Book Author
    James Moloney
    Genre Sci Fi & Fantasy , Juvenile Fiction
    Large Print 16 Pt Edition (Standard Large Print)
    HarperCollins Publishers Australia
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