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    Mateship with Birds
    Mateship with Birds
    <p><b>With the original introduction by C.J. Dennis and a new foreword by Sean Dooley.</b></p><br/><br/><p>Ninety years on, A.H. Chisholm's classic <i>Mateship with Birds</i> is still as fresh and inspirational as an early-morning walk in the bush, the air resounding with birdsong. His account of the secret lives of birds &amp;#8212; their seasonal doings and their complex relationships &amp;#8212; reflects his patient and detailed observations, and his deep enjoyment of the Australian bush and all its inhabitants.<br/> <br/>This is not just a book for bird-lovers. Chisholm's charming and often humorous prose reveals a man who loves words as well as birds. His style of writing and the historical photographs accompanying his text provide a gentle record of a period that already feels like &amp;#8216;the old days'.<br/> <br/>But Chisholm wrote with an urgent message to the future. He could clearly see the threat that &amp;#8216;the moving finger of Civilisation' posed to birdlife, and his account of the tragic demise of the Paradise Parrot ends with this passionate exhortation: &amp;#8216;What are the bird-lovers of Australia going to do about this matter of vanishing Parrots? Surely it is a subject worthy of the closest attention of all good Australians.'<br/> <br/>With the reissuing of this book, we honour these words, and offer his delight in &amp;#8216;the loveliest and the best of Nature's children' to a new generation.</p>
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