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    Me of the Never Never
    Me of the Never Never
    A chaotic memoir about family, friends and finding out that all the world's a stage (I'm going through)
    If I'd gone to a fortune - teller when I was at school and been told I'd marry a guy who makes false teeth, move to Alice Springs, have five kids and become a stand - up comedian, well, I would have been surprised, to say the least.' With an honesty that is disarming, Australia's funniest mother of five, Fiona O'Loughlin, tells us how she went from country girl to one of our most loved comedians. Along the way she recounts the events that have shaped her - the warmth and happiness of growing up in an extended family the heartbreak of losing a close relative, meeting the man of her dreams, the joy of raising their children and fostering others, taking to the stage and becoming an international success and then the realisation that alcohol was threatening to consume her life and destroy everything that she'd worked for. In this record of moments, events and experiences (all true, but not always accurate) that have found her humoured, humbled, and at times heartbroken, Fiona recounts how she has lived, laughed and cried on her own terms. And come out the other side smiling.
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