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    Mindfulness for Parents
    Mindfulness for Parents
    Finding Your Way to a Calmer, Happier Family
    Over 700,000 babies are born each year in the UK, parenthood is a natural time to re-evaluate priorities and consider new approaches to life. Amber Hatch is an ''''''''expert contributor'''''''' for parenting websites,, Attachment Parenting UK and Real Nappies for London, these sites will actively support the publication of Mindfulness for Parents. This is the first book in the UK to present a thorough exploration of mindfulness for parents post birth, to a mainstream readership. There is a sustained interest in the benefits of mindfulness meditation. People are looking for ways to incorporate mindfulness into all aspects of their lives, yet there is very little support or knowledge for parents wanting to apply mindfulness principles to their parenting. Backed by national press, parenting media coverage and author events nationwide. Synopsis: Many of us find the demands of family life, especially the early years, daunting and overwhelming. The task of raising children is not easy, and the stakes are high. So how can mindfulness help us parent? This book will show you what mindfulness is, how you do it, and how it can help you rise to the challenges of parenthood. Learn how to: Stay calm in a crisis Feel more connected to your children Be patient Throw yourself into an activity Feel good about how you talk Keep a sense of perspective Written in a friendly and accessible style, Amber Hatch, author of Nappy Free Baby and Colouring for Contemplation, includes tons of practical information alongside anecdotes, tips and insights that will help any parent, whether they are new to mindfulness or well-practised, to achieve a calmer, more relaxed family life. Topics covered include: establishing and maintaining a meditation practice, dealing with the early weeks, including responding mindfully to your baby's cries; joining your child in play and preventing mealtime and bedtime stress; screentime; encouraging outdoor play, developing positive qualities and managing difficult behaviour; introducing mindfulness to children; and deepening your own practice.
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