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    On the Record
    On the Record
    A candid and comprehensive account from one of National's main powerbrokers during the John Key years.'Few ministers have such influence and make the impact and contribution Steven Joyce did. We knew him as Mr Fixit; the press gallery called him The Minister for Everything; but the public saw it more simply. He was the guy who got the stuff they wanted done and he did it in spades and with style.' - Sir John Key'Steven Joyce was at the heart of the sustained policy and political success of the John Key government. He has a unique combination of discipline, positivity and political acumen. He got stuff done.' - Sir Bill EnglishBefore Steven Joyce entered politics, he had a hugely successful 17-year career building and running the radio network RadioWorks. He learnt to cut deals, compete ferociously, and carefully manage the on-air talent. They were all skills he would put to great use when he joined the National Party.After entering Parliament in 2008 when John Key took back power from Labour, Joyce was appointed directly into Cabinet, and was a senior minister for almost all of his 10 years in Parliament. Alongside his portfolios - including transport, infrastructure, tertiary education and economic development - Joyce occupied a pivotal role as National's campaign strategist, including leading the party's winning campaigns in 2008, 2011 and 2014.Such was Joyce's effectiveness, he gained the nickname of 'Minister for Everything'. Alongside Key and Bill English, Joyce was one of the main powerbrokers of the Key government, as both strategist and upholder of party discipline. Here, Joyce details the hard slog, discipline and negotiating skills necessary to thrive in the often-brutal world of politics.On the Record reveals what it takes to win and keep office, and the secrets behind the strategy and campaigning that led to National being in power for almost a decade. This is an essential read for anyone interested in the business of governing: packed full of insider knowledge, honest appraisals of the main players, entertaining anecdotes and the reality of how politics works.
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