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    Personal Finance For Seniors For Dummies
    Personal Finance For Seniors For Dummies
    Personal Finance for Seniors For Dummies addresses the unique financial opportunities and challenges that present themselves as individuals grow older in a stlye that members of the 50+ population will find instantly relatable and tailored to their needs. This title will empower readers as they chart their financial course for the decades to come, guiding them through the basics of creating a budget for retirement, investing accrued assets, taking advantage of governmental and nongovernmental benefits and planning for their family's future. Topics covered include: <br/> Buying a second home<br/> Selling the family home and moving to a smaller space<br/> Relocating<br/> Reexamining investment strategies and rebalancing a portfolio<br/> Wills and trusts<br/> Gifting and philanthropy<br/> Applicable tax laws<br/> Finding a financial advisor<br/> Investing for the first time<br/> Reverse mortgages<br/> Long - term care options<br/> Life insurance<br/> Health care, Medicare, and prescriptions drug costs<br/> Burial accounts<br/> Financial considerations for the newly single<br/> Understanding pension plans<br/> Understanding Social Security<br/>Basic enough to help novices get their arms around thorny financial issues, Personal Finance For Seniors also challenges advanced readers to think about their finances in a new way and identify areas for improvement.<br/>
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    Eric Tyson and Robert C. Carlson
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