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    Quiet Courage
    Quiet Courage
    Forgotten Heroes of World War Two
    What could induce a young pilot to walk out onto the wing of his burning aircraft at 13,000 feet?<br/>Why would a plucky young woman descend into the bowels of a sinking ship knowing that she would almost certainly die there?<br/>Why did a family remain on their farm, tending crops while suffering four long years of deadly artillery shelling?<br/>How did a former fishing trawler sink one of Hitler's deadliest U-boats, and who were the two Australian nurses who protected wounded patients with their own bodies while experiencing a savage machine-gun attack?<br/>Why did a young naval apprentice keep rowing when his hands had been so badly burned, they were literally glued to his oar? And who were the two selfless 'Dad's Army' soldiers who miraculously saved the lives of hundreds of their comrades even when it meant sacrificing their own?<br/>These and many other fascinating questions are answered in one of the most remarkable books of gallantry, fortitude and selfsacrifice you will ever read. Quiet Courage: Forgotten Heroes of World War Two is a book about thoughtful, intelligent actions and above all, an enviable capacity for bravery.
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    Tony Matthews
    Genre History
    Large Print 16 Pt Edition (Standard Large Print)
    Big Sky Publishing
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