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    Reach Your Goals Without Stressing Out
    Reach Your Goals Without Stressing Out
    A high-achiever's guide to a successful life
    We all possess mental resources but only a few of us use them to their full potential. We want to see continuous growth and improvement in our lives but we don't really understand the brain- and psychological mechanisms that drive this growth and improvement. So we apply the 'working hard' approach rather than the 'working smart' approach, and end up getting stuck in bad habits that drain our energy, blur our minds and disrupt our focus. We might achieve success in one area but we simultaneously crash and burn in others. Yet there are people who seem to be able to do it all and do it all well without burning out. They are the ones who understand how their brain works and how they can use it to it's full potential every single day. Their progress and success is sustainable and consistent because it gives energy rather than drains energy. Mindfulness expert Chantal Hofstee shows you how to become one of those people! Packed full of insights into the brain, inspiration and practical techniques, Reach Your Goals Without Stressing Out takes the reader on a guided journey of self-discovery, leading to new personal insights and practical strategies for sustainable, fulfilling success. 
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    Chantal Hofstee
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