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    Once a vigilante, now a cop ... but Lexi Winter still plays by her own rules. A fast-paced, suspenseful thriller for readers of Candice Fox and Sarah Bailey.<br/><br/><br/>Ace hacker, ex-prostitute, Jack Daniels drinker and part-time vigilante Lexi Winter is now working with the police, with a new enemy in her sights and an old foe on her mind.<br/><br/>Most probationary constables would baulk at chasing a drug dealer into a train tunnel in the dead of night - not Lexi. But when she emerges, injured but alive, to face the wrath of her boss it's clear that while Lexi may now be in uniform, she has as much trouble with authority as ever. Just to prove it, Lexi is quietly using her hacking skills to investigate a notorious drug-dealing Sydney crime family with links to her old prey, the paedophile Damon Vaughn. As her colleague Detective Sergeant Finn Carson investigates a death on a Sydney building site that leads him to the picturesque Wondabyne train station on the Hawkesbury River, Inspector Rachael Langley oversees an enquiry that is becoming ever more complex as multiple lines of investigation seem to interweave. What they don't know is that Lexi is the only one who can unravel them - if only she'll toe the line.<br/><br/>'Phenomenal. Lexi Winter is the gritty hero I didn't know I needed ... I'm now desperate for more' - bestselling Australian author Nicola Moriarty on Unforgiven
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    AU$ 67.99

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    Sarah Barrie
    Genre Crime & Thrillers , Fiction
    Large Print 16 Pt Edition (Standard Large Print)
    HarperCollins Publishers Australia
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