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    Sit, Stay, Love.
    Sit, Stay, Love.
    The most uplifting rom-com you'll read this year - a fresh take on the friends-to-lovers trope, brimming with heart, joy and puppies!<br/><br/>Sera loves owning a pet shelter - even if it's often tricky to make ends meet, and her mother thinks she's wasting her life. Thankfully, she can always rely on her steadfast best friend, Toby, who just happens to be the local vet.<br/><br/>And then famous actor Ethan James enters the scene. After Sera 'saves' Ethan from a friendly German Shepherd, he confesses to a terrible fear of dogs. A canine co-star is all that stands between Ethan and the role of a lifetime - and he wants Sera to help him overcome his fear. As they bumble through a series of training sessions together, sparks fly and Sera's surprised to find herself falling for Ethan. But not half as surprised as she is when Toby starts acting like a jealous boyfriend.<br/><br/>Now Sera's juggling six dogs, a litter of kittens, a horse, a sheep, and two men intent on outdoing each other. But she'll have to figure out what her heart truly wants ... before her life goes completely to the dogs.<br/><br/>Review: 'Mix the joyous chaos of Bridget Jones with the heart and kindness of All Creatures Great and Small, and you have a sense of the treat you are in for with Sit, Stay, Love. It's an utterly charming yet refreshingly grounded rom-com.' • Better Reading •<br/>'With its flirty banter, wholesome undercurrent and loveable animals, this debut novel is the friends-to-lovers story many romance readers crave ... Guaranteed to be enjoyed by many, Sit, Stay, Love will appeal to fans of Emily Henry, Beth O'Leary and Tessa Bailey.' • Books+Publishing •<br/>'Sit, Stay, Love is the most wonderfully charming debut. Sera's struggle to choose between her two potential Mr Rights is deeply compelling - and bonus, there are adorable dogs.' - Jodi McAlister, author of Here For the Right Reasons<br/>'Warm-hearted and witty, Amy Hutton's Sit, Stay, Love is an ode to love in all its forms - between humans and (adorable) animals, parents and children, best friends and stubbornly oblivious soul mates! Beginning with kittens and ending with kisses, Hutton's writing sparkles with flirty banter, inside jokes, and the odd emotional gut-punch. An ideal fireside or beach read for friends-to-lovers fans, with humour, poignancy, and spiralling sexual tension on every page.' - Lucy Parker, author of Battle Royal<br/>'Sit, Stay, Love is fresh, romantic and funny. You'll want to save the four legged animals - and you'll fall helplessly in love with the two legged ones. Filled with charm, emotion and sparkling prose, Amy Hutton's debut is an absolute delight.' - Penelope Janu, author of Shelter from the Storm<br/>'a sweet, fun, and easy read ... the perfect thing to read at the end of a very long day.' • AU Review •<br/>'Sit, Stay, Love made me want to roll over and beg for more!'<br/><br/>- Amy Andrews, author of Breaking All The Rules
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