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    Some Achieve Greatness
    Some Achieve Greatness
    Lessons on leadership and character from Shakespeare and one of his greatest admirers
    How are we to endure this global leadership drought?<br/><br/>There's a reason we often use the word 'Shakespearean' to describe dramatic times: William Shakespeare is our best analyst of human behaviour and motivation. A man well acquainted with turmoil, he produced works bristling with wit, profound empathy and a deep understanding of the best and worst of our nature. His words still ring with relevance today; they might just contain some of the answers we're looking for.<br/><br/>Australians are weary of the farcical spectacle of mid-term prime ministers being shoved through the revolving door, scandalous failures of governance in financial institutions and the moral abyss in Church stewardship. Throughout the mess of Brexit, chaotic unpredictability of the Trump administration and Covid-19 - the gravest leadership challenge since World War II - stable, reliable, sensible leadership has been in short supply.<br/><br/>Having spent a great deal of the last seventy-something years studying, performing and directing Shakespeare's plays, John Bell has absorbed timeless lessons in life, character and leadership from the Bard - and put these to good use running two successful theatre companies. Some Achieve Greatness presents invaluable lessons to help us navigate this unpredictable time.<br/><br/>'Some are born great, some achieve greatness and some have greatness thrust upon 'em.'<br/>WILLIAM SHAKESPEARE, TWELFTH NIGHT
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