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    Take a Financial Leap
    Take a Financial Leap
    The 3 Golden Rules for Financial and Life Success
    An inspirational and motivating book that shows how three ''''golden rules'''' can be used to accelerate results and set exciting and inspiring goals - not only when investing in property or shares, but also in business and all areas of life. Much more than just another investment book, Take a Financial Leap looks at the psychology of success and how by simply mastering three easy rules, readers can achieve is almost limitless results. Pete Wargent, a successful financial commentator, investor and author, has written an easy to read and understand guide, using lots of practical case studies and personal stories to show readers how to: Set big, exciting and inspiring goals; Use compound growth and ''''snow - balling'''' to generate wealth;Understand the psychology of life success and how to achieve emotional mastery;Learn how to become a long - term, successful share market investor;Create substantial and lasting wealth through real estate; Build a business or career in the field of their passion; Escape the rat race and live the life they chose, rather than one dictated to them by a pay cheque. This book is a detailed plan for accelerating success and achieving financial freedom and success at any age by multiplying results across all aspects of life. It is a practical and motivating book that uses 3 simple rules to provide a road - map for taking finance and life goals to the next level.
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    Pete Wargent
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