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    Tales of a Vet Nurse
    Tales of a Vet Nurse
    The highs and heartbreak of caring for the animals we love<br/><br/><br/>You never know who or what is going to walk, crawl or slither through the doors of veterinary hospital...<br/><br/>Clumsy Luna the Greyhound and her fragile front legs; the tortoise in need of a prosthetic leg; Jock the Saint Bernard and his problematic eyelashes; Edward the Burmese cat and his extravagant diet; the burly farmer and the world's tiniest Chihuahua, Lulu-bell... there is never a dull day in the life of a vet nurse. As the people who care for them around the clock, vet nurses are uniquely placed to speak for their patients and help us understand what our pets are going through.<br/><br/>From emergency shifts at a posh London practice to a busy country hospital treating all manner of wildlife - snakes, foxes, hedgehogs - to working with equine-surgeons and teaching the art of care to new generations of vet nurses in New Zealand, Tales of a Vet Nurse is about a life devoted to saving our beloved and unconditional friends. Along the way, Jade enlightens readers to the forbidden feasts of Labradors, the dangers of x-raying prize-winning showjumpers, and the most common pets she sees as clinic inpatients.
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    Jade Pengelly
    Genre Biography & Autobiography
    Large Print 16 Pt Edition (Standard Large Print)
    HarperCollins Publishers (New Zealand)
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