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    That Peter Kay Book: Unauthorized Bio
    That Peter Kay Book: Unauthorized Bio
    Peter Kay has rightfully been dubbed the King of Comedy in Britain. He is enormously successful - the DVDs That Peter Kay Thing and Phoenix Nights were the fastest sellers of their years of release; a screening of his stand - up show Live at the Bolton Albert Hall was watched by 6.7 million; and with '(Is This the Way to) Amarillo' he spent over two months at the top of the singles chart. His comedy is gentle, observational and nostalgic - everyone can relate to it and because of this his fan base really does stretch from 18 - to 80 - year - olds. Unlike anyone else of his generation he sits comfortably alongside such legends as Eric Morecambe and Les Dawson. People know that he is from Bolton, but not much else. For example, his humble origins and the fact that he was bullied at school for being overweight are rarely discussed. He stopped doing press interviews three years ago and has taken down any biographical information from his website. Now this first biography captures the reasons behind his success and explains the origins of his humour. His story is brought to life through anecdotes relayed by friends and former work colleagues, such as the time he DJ'd at an ex - girlfriend's wedding and played the Rolling Stones 'You Can?t Always Get What You Want'.
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